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      Solar Electricity

      Solar panels are the most popular renewables for homeowners in Alfreton because of their fantastic energy saving and income earning potential.

      Photovoltaic (PV) panels are installed onto the roofs of properties, normally facing south or southwest to receive the most direct sunlight. However, they work perfectly well in overcast conditions too.

      Solar panels are made from two layers of semiconducting material and when this comes into contact with sunlight, an electrical charge is created. This is converted into usable electricity for the home.

      Solar panel quotes

      A solar panel installation in Alfreton - Derbyshire is one of the best ways to reduce your electricity bills and provide you with a fixed income for 20 years.

      If you’re interested in reducing your bills and helping the environment at the same time, just complete our quick form and we’ll match your criteria with up to four vetted and reputable solar professionals.

      Alfreton Solar_Panels,Alfreton Solar_PV,Alfreton Commercial_Solar,Alfreton Photovoltaic,Alfreton Solar_Panels_Cost,Alfreton Solar_Heating

      Find out how much solar panels will cost to install with our easy to use cost calculator.

      Simply complete the instant online form with details about your home and the solar panels you require and we will find prices for you.


      The financial benefits of solar thermal panels

      Solar panels are a major investment, but the financial incentives available ensure there’s a lucrative return on offer with this renewable technology.

      Total savings and earnings: £16,766

      • Reduced energy bills

      Of course, the opportunity to escape National Grid prices in Alfreton is a big incentive to installing solar panels. Gas and electricity prices are expected to continue rising and if they increase 5% every year, you’d save £4,566 with a 4kW system in the 25-year lifetime. The initial solar panel cost can be recouped with the help of energy savings.

      • Feed-in tariff income

      The Government’s feed-in tariff is designed to pay homeowners for every unit of renewable electricity generated. Once the system is installed you’ll be locked onto the current rate for 20 years. This stands to earn you £10,640 with a 4kW system. To benefit from the full feed-in tariff rates your home will need an Energy Performance Certificate rating of at least a level D. To boost your home’s rating consider loft lagging or wall cavity insulation. The feed-in tariff in Alfreton - Derbyshire is the biggest incentive which pays back the cost of solar panels.

      • Sell excess electricity

      With solar panels no environmentally friendly energy is wasted. Instead, electricity not used in the home is sent straight to the National Grid, for which you are paid 4.5p/kWh. The export tariff will add a further £1,560 to your solar panel savings and earnings. The solar panels cost can be offset by this.

        Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share
      • Solar panels are now priced at a record low, providing an excellent return on investment for every buyer.
      • The feed-in tariff scheme will help homeowners earn over £500 annually with solar panels.
      • Solar panels will help to reduce your yearly electricity bills by over £100, providing over two decades of savings.
      • The generous export tariff ensures no electricity is wasted as it’s sold to the National Grid for a set price.
      • As gas and electricity prices continue to increase year-on-year, solar panels offer a way to guarantee your energy future.


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    Alfreton Solar_Panels,Alfreton Solar_PV,Alfreton Commercial_Solar,Alfreton Photovoltaic,Alfreton Solar_Panels_Cost,Alfreton Solar_Heating
Alfreton Solar Panels,Alfreton Solar PV,Alfreton Commercial Solar,Alfreton Photovoltaic,Alfreton Solar Panels Cost,Alfreton Solar Heating